Texas Poet Laureate, speaker, author and photographer.

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Karla K. Morton is a sought-after keynote speaker and has inspired countless men, women and students at conferences, universities, libraries, literary festivals and more.

To book a speaking engagement with Karla, first review her fees and then complete and submit the required booking information at right. The title of Texas Poet Laureate is the greatest honor of Karla’s life. This title, however, does not include any compensation or funding for travel, expenses or time.

Speaking Fee/Honorarium:
$800 - $1,500 for smaller, short events/workshops
$1,500 - $3,000 for large or full-day events/workshops –
(varies based on nature of event)

Travel Fees:
 - < 25 miles from Fort Worth, TX - $0 travel fee

 - 25 – 49 miles from Fort Worth, TX - $50 travel fee

 - 50 – 99 miles from Fort Worth, TX - $100 travel fee

 - 100 – 299 miles from Fort Worth, TX - $200 travel fee + lodging

 - 300+ miles from Fort Worth, TX – air transportation (or per mile
travel fees based on IRS mileage rate) + lodging + $75 per diem