Texas Poet Laureate, speaker, author, songwriter and photographer.


No End of Vision: Texas as Seen by Two Laureates, is a touring photography and poetry exhibit shown in museums and galleries. This unique, ekphrastic effort combines black and white photos from Ms. Morton’s portfolio with poems (inspired by her photos) from Alan Birkelbach, the 2005 Texas Poet Laureate. The collection is art and poetry about Texas, meant to be seen and enjoyed by Texans!  

Reviews and Testimonials

“It was a pleasure to host the No End of Vision exhibit. The combination of poems and photos not only inspired and intrigued our students, but our faculty as well. Karla and Alan were warm and encouraging to our students and honest about their experiences publishing as poets. I cannot imagine better ambassadors to get students engaged in poetry.”~ Tracey Minsenmayer, TCC SE Campus, Assistant Director

“Karla K. Morton's photographs are as sharp-edged as some of the tree branches and animal bones they depict. They are carefully composed and at the same time luminous. Her country buildings convey a touching nostalgia. And many of her landscapes capture the elegance and nobility of the natural world. Each of Alan Birkelbach's poems takes its cue from a Morton picture, stays true to the subject, then quickly-magically-moves into its own terrain, a region where image turns into memory and meditation. This combination of photograph-and-poem is highly satisfying. The two art forms are a perfect fit.”~ Richard Sale, Editor, The Trilobite Press